Qualified Optometrists Nishamani Duruge & Gamini Duruge and their well-trained staff at Nishamani Duruge Optometrists take great pride in providing you and your family with the highest quality, most comprehensive and individualised eye care possible. We take great efforts to ensure you fully understand your health and vision status and any lenses or treatment plan that we prescribe to address your visual needs. We examine your complete visual function to see if your visual needs may be filled with specific occupational spectacle lenses, specialty contact lenses, or visual consulting.

We strive to provide the highest level of service through scheduling your visit, examining your eyes and then recommending your glasses or contact lenses. We offer the latest in fashionable frames and cutting-edge lens technology.

-Nishamani Duruge Optometrists


Our Journey so far…


Nishamani Duruge Optometrists have been catering to the eye-care needs of people since 26th August 1995. The  partnership of President Partner Optom. Samanthi Nishamani Duruge and Managing Partner Optom. Gamini Prasanna Duruge are at the helm of this customer-friendly Optometrist. Optom. Nishamani honed her skills with J.M Wickramarachchi & company at their head office between 1989 & 1995.

Having moved to our own premises back in 2000, we have managed to cater to the visionary care needs of several thousands. We obtained our preliminary qualifications from Germany back in 1993 and further relevant qualifications were acquired in Sri Lanka, later on.

Currently, we act as Sole Agent in Sri Lanka for Pennine Optical Group based in Manchester, United Kingdom. A great majority of our spectacle frames and sunglasses are imported from the United Kingdom. However, in order to make available a wider choice of frames, sunglasses and prices for our customers, we also import from Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Optom. Nishamani Duruge has been a member of the Sri Lanka Optometric Association since 1991 whilst Optom. Gamini Duruge has been a member since 1996. Both are also Founder Members of the Eye Care Optometric Association.

Being a family business much loved by its customers over several years, our daughter Inone Duruge is currently an associate member of the Sri Lanka Optometric Association.

The capable Technicians who work with us all possess over 25 years of experience in this field and they provide us the support and strength to serve our customers to their utmost satisfaction who in turn, return to us for their eye-care requirements.

Optom. Nishamani Duruge’s brother Manuja Peiris based in the United Kingdom is a Consultant to the business and his valuable input is of immense value for us to keep up to-date with ethical aspects, regulations, technology and materials, in order to serve our customers with clinical efficiency.


  • Computerised Eye Testing
  • Medical advice regarding eye surgery
  • Receipts & Prescriptions for payments to be submitted to all Banks, LakeHouse, Corporations, Departments. (Including insurance schemes like “Guruabimana” and “Agrahara”)
  • One day service
  • “Designer and non-designer” frames at economical rates
  • Glass as well as plastic lenses of any descriptions can be purchased at economical rates
  • Contact lenses, cosmetic lenses and prosthetic lenses obtainable at competitive rates
  • Diagnosis of eye ailments and valuable advice provided free of charge
  • Payments for purchases through credit cards
  • Courteous service based on more than 55 years of combined experience
  • Ample parking

Contact Us

Our Services are open for you from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm Monday to Saturday.

+94 11  2842  997
+94 11  2088 697
+94 11 2896 554

Please call 0112 842997 or 0112 088697 to book  appointments  on Sundays/Poya days.